Creating Your Website

The process of creating your own dynamic website suitable for all devices.

A basic three page website service is £1000. This will get you and your business up and running. It will include creation of a 3 page website and 1 hour tuition empowering you to take charge of your online identity:

  • A home page that contains information about your services
  • A contact page where you can display your contact details and have a contact form that potential clients can fill in to send to you. The content of this form will come through to your emails address.
  • Theme and design in alignment with your business
  • GDPR facilities like cookie declaration, privacy policy and terms of service.
  • Security (SSL).

A payment scheme can be provided on request

Examples of other websites that have created can be found at WordPress Websites. WordPress is recommended because firstly, it is very popular and there are a lot of other functions that can be added on more importantly it is easy to use. You can be trained how to modify your website so there is no need to call upon an expert for basic changes.

Once the website is complete, the 1 hour tuition can take place, either face to face or via Zoom online. You or another nominated person (or both of you) will be shown how to: create a new page, which includes:

  • adding text, pictures, videos, columns and links
  • adding a page to the menu and organise your menu as required.

Now includes free online WordPress Block Editor Tutorial

Additional training and support can be provided (see our prices) along with a support contracts to suit your requirements. Traveling expenses will be additional.

If you want any extra facilities added to your web site, this can also be arranged on a flexible basis. For example, you may want:

  • A link to PayPal,
  • Buttons to share to Social Media,
  • Facility to do blogging,
  • Automatically post blog entries to your business Facebook page.
  • An events/appointments booking facility
  • A shop to sell items/services
  • Take payments through your website
  • Landing pages and email automation

This is also possible and more…. enabling your website to grow at a pace to suit your business and your budget.

Should you wish to go ahead with your website on the payment scheme, please contact Sara. Alternatively, a 50% deposit will be due up front and the remainder will be due on completion of the website work before the tuition.

You will need to do the following:

  • If you do not already have website hosting you will have to purchase your website/domain name. I recommend using at One.Com Special Offer Link as it includes the domain name, hosting and unlimited emails all in one package .  Once you sign up, follow the instructions sent from and forward the resulting email to us to enable creation of your website. You will also get a number of email addresses that can also set up for you.
  • Provide all the information and photos to go on your pages. This can be taken from a leaflet document. (Please note that we will not create the text for you this needs to be provided either by you or a copywriter. Alternatively, if you need us to provide this service there will be an extra cost)

Please contact us for more details or see prices for other services here.