Shebear Connection Strategy

The Shebear Connection Strategy is a modular course that empowers the individual, whether they are teenage or adult, to connect to their true path to achieve satisfaction in all areas of their life.

It can be studied either: online using e-books; self study using physical books; one-to-one tuition with Sara and group studies.

The modules include Wellbeing, Nature, Learning, Technology and Business.


Wellbeing Connection – Getting to know oneself and being well with oneself

Getting to know and understand ourselves is one of the keys to out wellbeing. Without knowing and understanding ourself and being our self navigating life can be challenging. Our health and wellbeing is the key to our existence, without it every day life activities are a challenge and without the help from others we will be unable to survive.

Utilising Relaxation, Mindfulness, Life coaching and Well-ness coaching activities for the mind and looking at Diet and exercise for the body


Nature Connection – Living, playing and learning on the land

Our connection to the land has been very important throughout human existence and without the land, flora and fauna there will be no food or raw materials. Today, we have become less connected to the land with processed food and materials and our population is becoming increasingly ill.

Utilising outdoor, relaxation and gardening activities to connect to nature.


Learning Connection –  Teaching and supporting education

From birth we are curious about our world and how we interact with it. This curiosity is important for us to make learning enjoyable. More recently children are becoming less interested in conventional education which is leading to children dropping out of this system 

Utilising Learning strategies and activities from alternative education to help improve academic ability.

Technology Connection – Support and tuition with technology

Technology have become a major part of every day life and for some it can be a challenge. Some are at a disadvantage having a lack of basic computer skills

This module is more instructional with prompts to research and do computing activities, which include:

Hardware – PCs, Laptops, tablets, mobile smart phones

Software – Microsoft Office and its every day use

WordPress Websites – their development and maintenance

Business Connection – creating a career out of your passion

It is important that people a doing a job that they love for their for their self-esteem If someone is doing an activity they enjoy then not only do they have job satisfaction but their customers will be able to see the LOVE and passion that has gone into creating their product or providing their service.

This strategy covers everything involved in being self employed and running a small business. See Entrepreneurial Studies for more information.