Nature Therapy

Most of us adults have been effected one way or another by experiences from our childhood. Some people are living there life not knowing that childhood trauma can hold us back from achieving our full potential and hinder our wellbeing.

I have been guided by the Universe/Source/God to find this out about myself. I was unable to step up and deliver to my full ability and wasn’t being fully accountable for my life. Now, with this guidance, I have found the key and the tools to help eliminate these blockages.

We (The Universe and I) want to share these tools with you as my healing skills have been stepped up and have had some radical enhancements. Linked with nature/inner child connection we bring you a unique healing formula.

This formula we call Inner Child Nature Connection (ICNC). This involves 2 separate sessions:

  • Inner Child Energy healing on a mobile massage couch. This is similar to Reiki and involves the intuitive delivery of Nature energy calling on natural elements, flora and forna. This healing will take 1 hour in total and will include 15 minutes for feedback and recommended practices. This can take place at your home or an alternative venue to suit you.
  • Practices in nature outside. This involves mindfulness, gentle physical exercises, connecting with nature and lots of FUN. This will take approximately 1 hour and can take place in a place of natural beauty to suit you. This takes place in all weathers, waterproofs can be provided.

Each session is intuitively tailored to your individual requirements and can take place at a location/locations to suit you or a suitable venue can be found for the energy healing.

We are offering this unique healing experience at an investment of £150 for the complete package.

For more information please contact us for more details.