Meditation with Bella Bear

Bella the Meditation Bear joins Sara to help show children how to relax and meditate.

In this busy world children are put under more and more pressure to achieve academically. This pressure along with high expectations can cause stress and overwhelm in a child, contributing to them misbehaving or becoming depressed. Meditation has been shown to help children to clear their mind and relax. It can also help to improve concentration levels and help children sleep. There have also been some cases where children on the autistic spectrum have been able to reduce and even eliminate their medication. See The Doctor who gave up drugs S2 E1

Bella and Sara bring a unique approach to meditation. In each 20 min session you and your child will be taken through different relaxation activities, giving you both the tools to calm your minds and eliminate the stresses of your everyday lives.

Activities include:

  • Introduction
  • Becoming friends
  • Getting comfortable
  • Short breathing meditation
  • Raise your toy laying meditation
  • Teaching your toy to relax
  • Giving Gratitude
  • Reflection “How do you feel”
  • Goodbye

For age 3 to 6 years. Bring your child’s/children’s favourite soft toy.

Indoor and outdoor sessions can be arranged.

For more information about the time and location of these sessions please see the Events page. Sara is also available to come and give talks at your groups.