This information has been bought to you by Sara Shebear. Sara has not only had a vast array of experience in all forms of education, she is also a life coach and holistic therapist. She calls upon her knowledge, diverse experience, compassion and patience with all her clients and students to empower them to achieve in life. Above all she is respectful and non-judgemental and prides herself on providing a quality service to parents to help them re-connection to their teenagers.

Sara’s oldest son is autistic. He achieved  a First Class Degree with Honours in Computer Science (with Artificial Intelligence)” (see more here)

Sara’s youngest son who suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) was home educated though his passion for computers.” (see more here)

Sara has worked in a variety of schools as a teacher and higher level teaching assistant. It is her passion to empower children, especially teenagers who have been marginalised from mainstream school, perhaps because of SEN/neurodiverse learning styles or challenging backgrounds. As Sara is also a computer expert she especially resonates with people that are determined to overcome their computer challenges. Sara not only delivers the technical skills to achieve but also delivers valuable life skills and emotional skills to become relaxed and confident in their lives as well as when using modern technology.


6th May 2019

Thank you Sara for our son’s tuition. Sara worked with us over several weeks and it was a really positive experience. George (age 7) suffers from anxiety but he felt at ease with Sara immediately. She made learning a fun experience and as she used stories, craft and games (all of which she had created herself). Sara also taught George how to set up an email account and start building a website. He was so inspired and excited by it that he was on a high for days! I would recommend Sara to families looking for more progressive approaches to learning.

26th June 2019

Someone who keeps you calm when life seems stressful, motivates you when you need it most and listens in a non judgemental way when you want to get something off your chest and out there.
Sara is all those things. She is just what you need at the end of a hard day, I am sure she should be on prescription!
Having her support over the last few months has been invaluable. After one of our sessions I always feel re-energised, often with a huge smile on my face as I feel ready to take on the next challenge I’ve just set myself.

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