Champion For Children

“A champion for all children. Taking Children’s wellbeing and alternative education around the world.”

I am passionate about empowering children to reach their full potential. I have a dream for all children around the world. In this highly pressured world children are under more stress with exams and academic pressure when, alternatively, they need to cultivate learning, emotional, social, spiritual and personal skills.


Some autistic children do thrive in the school environment. For example, my oldest son, who has autism, excelled at computing and has achieved a first with honors in a computer science (with artificial intelligence) degree and a top computer programming job. He thrived on the routine of school and his support was managed throughout his school, college and university life by the same support team. He was so lucky to have this continuation of support. Not all children with autism are able to cope with the stress of schooling so the educational of children needs to be looked at on a case by case basis.


My youngest son had difficulty accessing school due to illness. He managed 1.5 years in secondary school and at the time I was writing my Education Studies Degree dissertation on home education so I decided to de-register and home educate him.

He learnt about his main passion, which was computing and luckily as I was a computer expert earlier on in my life I had the know-how to help him. His literacy and numeracy skills were just a by-product of his studies. He read manuals and instructions, wrote journals about his projects, researched prices of resources and did calculations to work out the most cost-effective way of purchasing his resources.

My youngest son also learnt valuable life skills, like how to budget and run a household. He learnt about household maintenance, shopping and cooking. He is well equipped to go out into the wide world and look after himself when he chooses to.

Holistic approach

With the rise of autism and mental health issues in children I feel that throwing medication at the problem is not the full answer. We need to look at the holistic picture, including food, environment, social interaction, health, mind and spirit. With my wide variety of experience and skills, (see About me), I am able to combine my skills to create a personalised holistic solution for you and your child’s needs.

Please contact me to see how I can help empower your child.