From ‘Focused’ to ‘Flipped’ and back again

The Who, Why, When, What and How of challenged teenagers.

Click image to see slides from short workshop for Teachers & T.As

Are you working in an environment where you have to deal with people who can flip-out and lose conscious control?

Do you need some effective, evidence-based tools to help understand and calm them?

This is a workshop that can be tailored to your environment. It has been created for those who interact with people who have a neurodiverse learning style and who are prone to ‘Flipping out’ and lose conscious control. It covers the following sections:

  • Who can benefit from this workshop?
  • Why people flip?
  • When may people flip?
  • What physically happens?
  • How can we help?

It includes many essential tools that have been proven to be effective if used correctly.

The above 30 minute mini-workshop has been created for a SEN Secondary School, however, workshops can be created for Schools and Parent Groups to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Each workshop can contain as much or as little information and activities, as required, at an introductory, intermediate or advanced level depending on the participants.

Please contact Sara for more details.