Business Consultancy & Coaching

A holistic audit of your small business, can be undertaken to see if it is run efficiently and being as productive as possible.

The areas we can look at can include: sales, marketing, services, production, administration, use of building and land, staffing and accounts to see if they can be optimised for more efficiency.

Positive, up-beat energies attract clients to your business, if you or your staff are feeling low or are worrying about something then this can have a detrimental effect on your business. A relaxed “can do” mindset needs to be adopted to achieve important business goals

How some companies have been optimised includes:

  • Introduction of Microsoft Word templates and training on mail merge to save recruiting extra staff.
  • Saved money on accountancy fees by being trained to use a custom built Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to do basic book keeping, budgeting and profit/loss reports.
  • Introduction of Cloud Technology on smart phones, laptops and tablets to share information with colleagues and minimising duplication.
  • Introducing self employed therapists to websites and social media to promote their services

All of these have elevated staff workload lifting stress and making a happier workforce.

IT Audit

An IT audit can be done to make sure you are getting the best use out of your IT.

Do you need reliable, friendly IT Support?

Find out if you are you making the most out of the internet?

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