Business Connection Strategy

“Equipping young people for a lifetime of passionate employment”

This Business Connection course has been created to equip young people who are not necessarily academic to earn money from an activity they love to do.

“What do I enjoy doing?” Most children do not know what they what to do when they grow up or they have this romantic idea of having an occupation that does not really suit them. The first part of this course is for students to find out what they ENJOY doing. It is this love and enjoyment that will inspire motivation and passion and therefore lead to success. If someone is doing an activity they enjoy then the customers can see the LOVE and passion that has gone into creating a product or providing a service.

An example

Elena is an example of a successful young entrepreneur, she has always enjoyed drawing so, with the help of her mother, she has been able to get her drawings made into prints and printed onto items like T shirts, mugs, greetings cards etc. She has also illustrated a child’s story book and created a logo. She now has a job for life. See Elena’s Website for more information.

Your child/children can also be like Elena, finding their passion and making it into a career by signing up to this course. The best part is that you will not necessarily need to be involved in the day to day running of their business as they will have a business coach and mentor to help them get their business up and running.


This is not a definitive list of what the course will include as it will evolve with the students’ requirements.

Who am I and what is my passion? – This module helps the student look at him/herself and helps them find out what really makes their heart beat faster. This will include online personality tests, work experience, visits, talks and workshops from successful young entrepreneurs.

Researching – In this module students find out that there are many different ways to research, they include visiting libraries, questionnaires, interviewing people and of course the internet. This also links into literacy with writing reports about their findings, compiling questionnaires etc. This research can also be used to focus in on a specific product or service. Students may need to find a course to fill in a skills gap. A key reason for research is to find out how best to market a product or service.

Computer skills – Practically, most of the day to day running of a business is done on a computer, especially, if products are being sold online. In this module students will learn how to create branding (creating the look and feel of a business and/or product/service), marketing materials and create online marketing campaigns and adverts. Computers are also used for the book keeping side of running a business for example cash flow forecast, profit and loss reports, balances sheets and other financial reports. This module will also cover having a ‘web presence’, which includes creating a website, looking at social media and any other ways the internet can promote a business.

Advertising and marketing – In addition to online marketing there are other forms of advertising and marketing. There are the public appearances, a chance for the student to get out there and impress the general public with their labours of love. This can include running a stall at an event, doing a talk, running a workshop and even planning their own event to showcase their product. Students can look at how advertising can be done via the media, e.g. newspaper coverage, radio advertising and interviews.

This course helps the student develop holistically, from finding out who they are, to confidence buildings as well as giving the student skills that can be applied in any career and last for a lifetime. It links in with literacy, numeracy, computer studies, business studies and Life skills/PHSCE