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It is important, for their self-esteem, that people are doing a job that they love. If someone is doing an activity they enjoy then not only do they have job satisfaction but their customers will be able to see the LOVE and passion that has gone into creating their product or providing their service.

This strategy covers everything involved in being self employed and running a small business.

Table of Contents 

Know Thyself – Helping you to find out about yourself. Modules include:

  •  Know Thyself
  •  The Web of life
  •  Your values
  •  Your Business Goals
  •  Your SMART Goal

Planning  – It’s great to have a plan

Research – What is my product or service? Will it be successful? Modules include:

  •  Target audience
  •  How and where to research

How to create or provide the product or service – Qualifications?

Marketing  – What types of marketing are available?

Designing Marketing/Promotional media – Learning to use a design tool

Branding – The look and feel and identity of a business

Personal Financial planning – Money matters

Business Financial planning

Franchising or buying a franchise​