About Sara

“Autistic son achieved  First Degree with Honours in Computer Science (with Artificial Intelligence)” (see more here)

“Poorly son home educated though his passion for computers.” (see more here)

I am Power Mindset/Empowerment Coach and I understand that children’s approach to learning are all different and not all educational provisions are suitable. I also understand that a child has to be in the correct frame of mind to be able to learn

With my variety of well-being, educational and business knowledge I can help you look at ways to help you empower your child/children or young person. This can also include:

My qualifications include:

  • BA Educational Studies (2/2) – Middlesex University
  • Safeguarding course & STEPS Course – SNAP/MENCAP
  • Life Coaching Skills – The UK College of Life Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching course – The Chrysalis Effect
  • Rule No. One Mum has fun (Childcare Methodology) – Nicole Mackenzie
  • Natural Mindfulness for Children – Cotswold Natural Mindfulness
  • Introduction to Bushcraft and Survival – Polaris
  • Self relaxation – Oakland’s College
  • Forest School leader (Practical Assessment) – Down the woods
  • First Aid Outdoors – First Aid Academy
  • Fully DBS Checked

My experience includes:

  • Running companies including IT consultancy and self employment
  • WordPress development
  • Coaching IT skills
  • Running outdoor activities including children’s fun sessions and wild/nature weekend retreats
  • Teaching IT in secondary mainstream school and special needs school
  • Teaching and teacher assisting in SEND schools
  • Teaching IT and Science in PRUs (Pupil Referral Unit for behavioural needs)
  • Home education and alternative education
  • Children and young adults on the Autistic Spectrum and/or with behavioural issues.
  • Providing alternative therapies including life coaching, tuition and energy healing
  • Writing children’s short stories and creating learning activities related to them
  • Creating interesting and enriching lesson plans

I am:

Calm, patient, compassionate, intuitive, understanding non-judgemental, respectful, analytical, holistic, curious, mindful and firm yet fair.

My current interests include:

For more information about me please see For Children

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