21st Century Learning

In USA the Partnership for 21st Century Learning (www.p21.org) has recognised that in this fast changing world children need to be able to learn in a different way. This organisation has come up with a framework that follows the four Cs, They are:

  • Collaboration – young people are able to have the opportunity to work with others to produce something.
  • Communication – young people are able to impart or exchange information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.
  • Critical Thinking – young people are given the opportunity to objectively analyse and evaluate an issue in order to form a judgement.
  • Creativity – young people are given the opportunity to use their imagination or use their own original ideas to create something.

These four Cs will equip young people with the key tools they need to live successfully in the 21st Century. Sara agrees with Joe Ruhl an Educational Motivational Speaker (see TEDx Talk) when he says we need to add two extra Cs, these are:

  • Choice – where possible young people are to be given the right or ability to choose what activity best suits their learning style and abilities.
  • Caring (teacher/guide) – the person who is facilitating the activities is able to display kindness and concern for others.

As far as possible Sara aims to include all these Cs into all learning activities that she creates and there is one C that She will always guarantee, that is “Sara will always Care about the people she interacts with”